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If you were born with venus retrograde

This is not particularly relevant to this course but it’s worth addressing all the same.

Being born Venus retrograde is neither a blessing nor an issue.

We are born with any planet retrograde because the cosmos wanted to slow it down in our chart for its own reasons.

For example, had Venus not being going backwards when you were born, chances are that it might have been in a different sign than it is.

The cosmos and your soul wanted your Venus to be in the sign it is, the house it is, and making the aspects that it does.

So Venus retrograde in your chart is the Venus you were meant to be born with. Which sign, house and which aspects it’s making to other planets is far more important than its being retrograde.

You can discover your chart for free at – if there is a little red rx symbol after your Venus listing in the small print in the top right hand corner of the page, you have Venus rx.

As I said, please don’t worry.

Some even say it’s a major blessing and makes you an exceptional person with increased artistic ability to boot!


If you were born with Venus retrograde…

It’s a rare blessing…