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Let’s face it, hollywood has a lot to answer for… 

Let’s face it, Hollywood has a lot to answer for. 

If we go into a relationship expecting it to be ‘Hollywood perfect’ or a romantic fairytale which goes from courtship to wedding to happy ever after without missing a beat, we are likely to be quite disappointed.

This short video discusses why being attached to the idea of a perfect relationship is actually counter-productive.

As Venus retrogrades, it’s a good time to ask yourself if you have been too demanding of love! Being realistic is a kinder approach to relationships and to your partner. After all, who among is really is perfect?

And make sure you fill out the worksheet – SOOO important. It’s an easy exercise to break with the past.


A super important exercise to help you to break with the past

if you’re trying to live like like you’re the start of The Notebook…