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welcome to your venus retrograde course

Get back
to love!

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Single and keen to reunite with an ex?

Welcome to module 2! This section is all about accepting what *IS*. This is something a bit like surrender. As we become comfortable with what is, we start to create the power to change what will be.

It’s not about accepting something we don’t want with resignation, it’s about making peace with what is so that you’re not railing against reality.

Venus retrograde is very much the time when people will look to the past and think about former loves.

But should you be looking backwards?

On the one hand, it’s fair to say that going back to an ex is not the best idea in the world nine times out of 10.

But what about that one time out of 10 when it might just work out?

The attached video and worksheet discuss some of what you need to know about this touchy subject.


In case you missed it – the easy exercise to break with the past. Do it regardless.
What if I want to rekindle an old love? Read this first!

Should you be looking backwards?