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welcome to your venus retrograde course

Get back
to love!

Venus Rx Graphic

Making a commitment to yourself or anyone else, it’s very powerful. so now it’s time for you to make a love commitment.

When we make a commitment to ourselves, we are far more likely to do what it is we know that we want to do. 

In this lesson, I asking you to open and print the attached PDF called My Love Commitment.

It asks you to commit to the idea of loving and being loved. It’s a pledge you can make to yourself.

Please be sure to add at least one more idea to the list of the commitments you’re making so that you personalise the list and thus make it your own!

If you take a moment to read this out loud to the Universe before you sign it, so much the better! 

On a course like this one, it’s easy to miss out a simple but crucial step such as this one. I suggest you do this now before you move on to the next lecture.


Some beautiful music to listen to as you sign your love commitment. It’s Jophiel by Mark Watson – available for download at

It’s time to make a real commitment to yourself. Sign on the dotted line! Consider sharing this with someone or on social media to make it super real.

Music connects us with Divine…