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welcome to your venus retrograde course

Get back
to love!

Venus Rx Graphic

Reach out to and make peace with an old friend…

This is a short video but it’s one of the most important in the course. If you want to make up with a friend, you really can under Venus retrograde. How do I know? Because it happened to me AGAINST ALL ODDS when I was recording this course.

So what I did was I did all the work in this course. I felt all my feelings, I filled out all the worksheets … and I wrote to my friend from the heart.

We had been estranged for TWO YEARS when this all happened and she had refused any efforts I had made to cajole her back into a friendship.

But this time? Different.

Maybe it was the work I did on it, maybe it was just that Venus retrograde sets the right conditions for reconciliation, but as I hope you saw in the 3rd video in the free mini-course, not only did we reconcile but the orchid I had given her two years early to try and say sorry for what had happened bloomed for the first time in two years.

Magic can happen!

Magic really does happen