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welcome to your venus retrograde course

Get back
to love!

Venus Rx Graphic

In a couple and need to start over with your beloved?

Women’s magazines are traditionally full of ideas about ‘how to bring back the sparkle to your love life” and “how to reignite the passion in your relationship”.

The fact is, there is no silver bullet.

However, Venus retrograde is the right time to think about how well you’re tending your long-term relationship… this short video and worksheet address this question.

Think of it as an adjustment you make with your lover, your partner, your spouse, every 18 months. A time when you take a moment to check in with each other.

Knowing that your relationship is worth this small effort is important energetically. Once you give up making an effort, you are really just giving up on the relationship.

And anyone in a long-term relationship knows that relationships take work…


Things you and your partner can do to get back to love…

Use Venus retrograde every 18 months to recalibrate your relationship