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The New Moon phase

  • Plant the seeds of your future dreams
  • This phase begins 1–3½ days after the Balsamic Moon.
  • Keywords of this phase: a clean slate, potential, dreams

This is one the most exciting parts of the lunar cycle – actually it’s my favourite in many ways.

It might feel like a quiet time, when things are brewing, but in fact it’s when you start to manifest your dreams – or not. So it’s really important to think about what you’re doing at this time in the lunar cycle.

I am not superstitious in particular but if there is one part of the lunar cycle when you want to be as energetically clear as you can be, it’s now! The reason being that we get back what we put out and never more so that an New Moon.

This is a time to look forward to; to plan for; to make time for. Creation takes time, remember.

On that point, let me say here and now, while this is THE time to make New Moon wishes, they may need a few gos to manifest. It really depends on what you are wishing for. Remember that when it comes to making wishes, your best bet is to take baby steps.

So for example, if you want a new car and right now you can only afford to take public transport, then you are going to have to go from – say – the bus to manifesting a bicycle to manifesting an old second hand car and eventually to manifesting a car. That’s just how it works, not least because we have to believe that we can get to the next step, from one step to another.

Reciting the mantra ‘I am blessed’ at this point in the lunar cycle will really help you, too. Why? Because gratitude breeds manifestations.

The reason for this is that we manifest best from our heart. In fact, we can manifest from our heads, but that’s when we tend to manifest things which don’t last.

When we manifest from our hearts, we start to creating long lasting successes for ourselves. At the time of the New Moon, ideas are coming from the ether and we must decide which of them we want to latch onto. We need to remember that anything is possible.

This is definitely the time to think about what you do want, and not think about what you don’t want. Meditate on your dreams. That will allow you to tune in to your higher self, so you have all the guidance you need to move towards them. Having a massage is highly recommended at this time, or some hot sex, or even a hot bath – anything that reminds you that you’re alive in your body. What are you planning to make of your experience as a human being?

If you’re serious about being a deliberate manifestor, the New Moon phase is when you should make time for yourself and put your wishes in writing or in a drawing. Writing works very well for most people; however, I personally think drawing or even doodling is even better.

The reason for this is, creating a little drawing of your dream/wish means you’re actually visualizing it coming true – and that’s huge.

When you draw it, you start to believe it and when you do that, you start to manifest it.
As they say, ‘If you can believe it, you can achieve it.’ Worried you can’t draw? It doesn’t matter. However, if you choose just to write down your goals, be sure to imagine them in your mind’s eye as you do so. Feel them. To quote Dr Wayne Dyer: feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Feel it in your body. Feel the elation. Reading your wishes out loud is also very powerful. You will radically accelerate your manifesting if you get this part of the cycle right.

As you start to work with the New Moon and manifesting, you will see that it’s a cycle which builds on itself. Writing down your wishes allows you to check back later and see what came true. As your wishes and intentions start to manifest, you will start to see how amazing it is and how powerful you are!

On another note, the New Moon is also a great time to start any new projects.

Do just check what the planets are doing as well – far better to start something under a Venus/Jupiter trine than a Mars/Pluto clash for example! My Moonology Diary will give you all that info if you’re still learning astrology!