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July 2023
Moon Dates

Full Moon in Capricorn
London: 3 July 12:38
Sydney: 3 July 21:38
LA: 3 July 04:38
New York: 3 July 07:38

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New Moon in Cancer
London: 17 July 19:31
Sydney: 18 July 04:31
LA: 17 July 11:31
New York: 17 July 14:31

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Podcast for July 2023

by Yasmin Boland

In this month’s MMM podcast, we explore what Mars moving into Virgo; how it reminds us of the importance of service and selflessness, and how it’s not just about taking care of ourselves but also making a positive impact on others.

We will also talk about how to navigate the clash between Mars and Saturn, learning to choose our battles wisely and maintain our flow. And we will think about Venus retrograde, a rare cycle which is offering us second chances in love and even the opportunity for personal growth.

Plus, of course, the Full Moon in Capricorn and the New Moon in Cancer, get a mention though we will zoom in on them more as the month unfolds.

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