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August 2023
Moon Dates

Full Moon in Aquarius
London: 1 August 19:31
Sydney: 2 August 04:31
LA: 1 August 11:31
New York: 1 August 14:31

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New Moon in Leo
London: 16 August 10:38
Sydney: 16 August 19:38
LA: 16 August 02:38
New York: 16 August 05:38

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Full Moon in Pisces
London: 31 August 02:35
Sydney: 31 August 11:35
LA: 30 August 18:35
New York: 30 August 21:35

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Podcast for August 2023

by Yasmin Boland

This month’s meditation is designed to help you to tap into the part of you that is 100% aware of what really matters – once you decide to work with what you ACTUALLY value, your life will start to change!

The podcast this month is a call to everyone who listens to open their heart – we have two Full Moons this month which means twice the chances to forgive and move on. The podcast tries to explain why this is such an important thing to do!

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