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Cruising into gratitude

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September 2021
Moon Dates

September 2021 New Moon in Virgo
London: 7 September at 01:51
Sydney: 7 September at 10:51
LA: 6 September at 17:51
New York: 6 September at 20:51

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September 2021 Full Moon in Pisces
London:21 September at 00:54
Sydney: 21 September at 09:54
LA: 20 September at 16:54
New York: 20 September at 19:54

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Podcast for September 2021

by Yasmin Boland

This month’s podcast is actually a bit pocast-ier than usual! The skies are quite quiet so I took the chance to give you some news about what’s happening between now and Christmas and why it’s a reason to be cheerful no matter what you’re going through. Hang on in there!
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September Meditation
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