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January 2022
Moon Dates

January 2022 New Moon in Capricorn
London: 2 January at 18:33
Sydney: 3 January at 05:33
LA: 2 January at 10:33
New York: 2 January at 13:33

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January 2022 Full Moon in Cancer
London: 17 January at 23:48
Sydney: 18 January at 10:48
LA: 17 January at 15:48
New York: 17 January at 18:48

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February 2022 New Moon in Aquarius
London: 01 February 05:46
Sydney: 01 February 16:46
LA: 31 January 21:46
New York: 01 February 00:46

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Podcast for January 2022

by Yasmin Boland

Happy new year! I am so thrilled you are here. So this is the first podcast of 2022 where I talk about the energies of the month and year ahead.

When you listen to it, stay tuned for the second half where I explain WHY this month’s theme is Radical turnarounds.

That’s because the planet of radical turnarounds, Uranus, ends its retrograde this month and finally starts to move forwards. So our lives really can change in amazing ways!

Speaking of which, from this month, every month I’m offering SMS members a phone lock screen – please click here for the January one. It’s designed to help you stay aligned to the monthly energies. Let me know if you like it and it works for your phone.
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The Oracle with Yasmin
January Meditation
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