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February 2021
Moon Dates

February 2021 New Moon in Aquarius
London: 11 Feb at 19:05
Sydney: 12 Feb at 06:05
LA: 11 Feb at 11:05
New York: 11 Feb at 14:05

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February 2021 Full Moon in Virgo
London: 27 Feb at 08:17
Sydney: 27 Feb at 19:17
LA: 27 Feb at 00:17
New York: 27 Feb at 03:17

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Podcast for February 2021

by Yasmin Boland

For all the romantics (like me) out there, here this; it would be nice to think that February would be a super romantic month, given that we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. However as you might have realised by now, 2021 is not a year that’s going to just roll over and let us tickle its tummy. Rather, it’s quite an intense year which is all about smashing down our limiting beliefs. So here goes! Are you ready? Click here for your February 2021 Daily Calendar.

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