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February 2021

The ‘Smashing It’ meditation

The music is Uriel, used with the kind permission of Mark Watson.

The meditation this month designed to help you forward-create your next four weeks.

If you smash February 2021, where will you be this time next month? Rather than going for a big, hairy, audacious goal, what smaller steps can you take towards your goals, one step at a time, over the coming four weeks?

Often people state “financial freedom” or “a dream relationship” as their job but this is intangible. You need something you can see in your mind’s eye. What would your dreams LOOK like?

This meditation helps you with that. Keep a pen and piece of paper nearby to write on in case you’re inspired as you meditate. It’s ok to make notes.

Video Credits: Artwork / Video: Ellen Vaman – One 1 / Music Credits: Mark Watson

I’ve also created the PDF below for you to print out and fill out after you have completed the meditation.

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