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August 2022

I Am Safe and All Is Well Meditation

Continuing our exploration of the Solfeggio frequencies, this month we are listening to 285 Hz.

This frequency is said to heal physical problems, promoting optimum health and vitality.

The 285 Hz frequency is said to be linked to the Root Chakra, the red energy centre found at the top between our legs.

This chakra is all about safety and survival.

To go with this, I have chosen to “whisper” the famous Louise Hay affirmation “I am safe and all is well”.

It’s a super powerful message and I think coupled with the 285 Hz frequency, makes for a super powerful meditation.

This one would be perfect for listening to as you fall asleep as well!

It’s especially powerful if you’ve been feeling like life is on shaky ground or worried about how to make your way in life during these uncertain times.

I hope you love it!

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