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welcome to your Manifesting With The Moon's Phases Mini-Course



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  • What do you know?
  • This phase begins 7–10½ days after the Full Moon.
  • Keywords of this phase: re-evaluate, balance, trust

The truth is that this Moon phase can be a little awkward.

It’s the halfway point between the wonder of the Full Moon and the potential of the New Moon. On some level, we know that what didn’t work for us in the past has dissolved on an etheric level. It’s time to reorientate ourselves.

Although we might feel tired during this part of the cycle, this is no time to stop, or to rest on our laurels.

There’s tension at this time: a result of the hard angle between the egotistical Sun and the emotional Moon.

We may not want to let go but we know we need to. Adjustments are required.
One slightly poetic but very organic way to think of this phase is the harvest is over and done with. the fruits of your labour, your intentions. Have been collected. The abundance has been shared with those around you, with those you love. And now it’s time to allow your fields to life fallow a A little bit. Think of it as whatever is left over is like left over Flowers which will decompose on the soil of the fields and come back as something new and fresh in the next cycle.

The Third Quarter Moon is almost the final stage of the monthly lunar cycle. After the emotional explosion of the Full Moon, the beautiful Moon is losing light and waning in energy, getting smaller in our skies every night.

It is a time to empty ourselves and release and let go. All the universe, our higher selves, our karma and our guides to take over and reflect back on what we have learned from our experience in this lunar cycle.

The Moon is now forming the last square she will make with the Sun this cycle.

Whatever happens at the time of the Quarter Moons, we’re asked to understand it as two forces in conflict – it’s the square aspect of the Sun and the Moon. One force is clashing with another. Which will win? Something if moving, something is resisting.

That is often the feeling we will get under this cycle.

Something wants to shift; something else resists.

Tension seeks release and change becomes inevitable.

During the Third Quarter Moon, we may need to find a new direction. If something didn’t’ work out at the time of the Full Moon, maybe we need a whole new plan.

Respected astrologer Dane Rudhyar called this waning square a “crisis in consciousness”.

It goes deep.

Something needs to change now.

Our consciousness needs to be released, cleansed, unclogged.
This seventh phase of lunar cycle is marked by the half light/half dark of the half Moon.

The Last Quarter is about refinding a balance.

The natural dark force of nature begins to gain. The Moon grows darker every night now. It’s release time.

In some ways, it’s like spring cleaning time as we decide what we want to take with us into the future and what we are leaving behind.

The evolved soul revises its outlook, based on what it has learned from the past 6 phases.

Now is the time to reject any ideas which you know are holding you back, in particular. Let go of whatever is not serving you. What ideas should you release?
We have to make way for the new, which we sense is just around the corner, in the form of the New Moon in one week’s time. The Third Quarter Moon (like the First Quarter Moon) looks like a Half Moon.

Any conflict that occurs now is worth examining – ask yourself what the message is in any challenges you face during this phase. A change of course may be called for. Let go.

This part of the cycle can be a crossroads. Look back and see how far you’ve come.

Do you deserve a pat on the back for what you’ve achieved? Then allow yourself that. Where to from here?

It can be decision time as you work out what you want to take with you into the New Moon cycle that’s coming soon, and what you want to leave behind.
This is also a very good time to break bad habits. You’re at a turning point so the question is, ‘Which way do you want to turn?’ Are you sticking with your old plans or making new ones?

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