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September 2022
Moon Dates

Full Moon in Pisces
London: 10 September 10:59
Sydney: 10 September 19:59
LA: 10 September 02:59
New York: 10 September 05:59

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New Moon in Libra
London: 25 September 22:54
Sydney: 26 September 07:54
LA: 25 September 14:54
New York: 25 September 17:54

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Podcast for September 2022

by Yasmin Boland

This month, the podcast is all about why September could be very good for sorting things out in your most important relationship or even your relationships plural. Reason being, the planet of communications, Mercury, is going backwards in the skies from September 10. At the start of the retrograde cycle, Mercury will be going backwards in the relationship sign of Libra. It’s not quite Venus retrograde, but it’s not far off. So think about which relationships in your life needs sorting out and … sort them out!
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