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I Am Changing Direction


October 2021
Moon Dates

October 2021 New Moon in Libra
London: 6 October at 12:05
Sydney: 6 October at 22:05
LA: 6 October at 04:05
New York: 6 October at 07:05

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October 2021 Full Moon in Aries
London: 20 October at 15:56
Sydney: 21 October at 01:56
LA: 20 October at 07:56
New York: 20 October at 10:56

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Podcast for October 2021

by Yasmin Boland

Are you ready for change? Let’s hope so because as you will hear in this month’s podcast, the times are a-changing now. Not in a jarring or dramatic way, hopefully. Rather, as several of the planets change directions, we will too. It’s something we can all ease into and benefit from. Plus there’s info about the New and Full Moons of the month – both of which are a bit special. Plus news about an exclusive SMS member event coming up.
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The Oracle With Yasmin
October Meditation
Full Moon Sheets
Card Draw

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