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Music clip; Ashnaia Project – Escape from Reality

October 2020
Moon Dates

October 2020 Full Moon
London: 1 Oct at 22:05
Sydney: 2 Oct at 7:05
LA: 1 Oct at 14:05
New York: 1 Oct at 17:05

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October 2020 New Moon
London: 16 Oct at 20:31
Sydney: 17 Oct at 6:31
LA: 16 Oct at 12:31
New York: 16 Oct at 15:31

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November 2020 Full Moon
London: 31 Oct at 14:49
Sydney: 1 Nov at 1:49
LA: 31 Oct at 7:49
New York: 31 Oct at 10:49

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Podcast for October 2020

by Yasmin Boland

So what does October hold for us? Is it going to push
us all over the edge or could there by a bit of light
starting to appear at the end of the tunnel? Well put
it this way, it seems like there might be some light
coming through and we need to focus on THAT.

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