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November 2022 Meditation Thumb

November 2022
Moon Dates

Full Moon eclipse in Taurus
London: 8 November 11:02
Sydney: 8 November 22:02
LA: 8 November 03:02
New York: 8 November 06:02

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New Moon in Sagittarius
London: 23 November 22:57
Sydney: 24 November 09:57
LA: 23 November 14:57
New York: 23 November 17:57

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Podcast for November 2022

by Yasmin Boland

In this month’s podcast I focused on three main astrological events; the coming lunar eclipse, Mars retrograde and Jupiter direct. Hopefully all will be explained once you have a listen!

However, I also wanted to mention something else which will become obvious when you take a look at the calendar for November; the first two weeks of November are going to be the most challenging.

If you’re starting the month in a precarious state, it really is a time to up your meditation practise, do your yoga, take your walks, breathe in the fresh air et cetera et cetera! Life will be much easier after around about the 15th.

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