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November 2021
Moon Dates

November 2021 New Moon in Scorpio
London: 4 November at 21:14
Sydney: 5 November at 08:14
LA: 4 November at 14:14
New York: 4 November at 17:14

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November 2021 Full Moon in Taurus
London: 19 November at 08:57
Sydney: 19 November at 19:57
LA: 19 November at 00:57
New York: 19 November at 03:57

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Podcast for November 2021

by Yasmin Boland

This month’s podcast takes you through all the highs and lows of November. Prepare for an extremely exciting ride. Not only do we have a New Moon early on in the month that is conjunct the crazy planet Uranus, we also get a Full Moon eclipse later on in the month and some pretty gnarly Mars action as well. Everything in the Sun, Moon and Stars this month is designed to help you cope with the crazy energies; hopefully this podcast will give you a really good overview of what to expect and ideas for how to apply the info to your life and handle everything.
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The Oracle with Yasmin
November Meditation
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