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November 2020
Moon Dates

November 2020 New Moon in Scorpio
London: 15 Nov at 5:07
Sydney: 15 Nov at 16:07
LA: 14 Nov at 21:07
New York: 15 Nov at 0:07

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November 2020 Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini
London: 30 Nov at 9:29
Sydney: 30 Nov at 20:29
LA: 30 NOV at 1:29
New York: 30 Nov at 4:29

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Podcast for November 2020

by Yasmin Boland

Will our hopes for November pan out or be dashed on the Covid-19 rocks? That remains to be seen but this month, I’m taking a long, hard and realistic look at the state of the world and how it lines up with the state of the skies. Plus, how to make this a month of transformation on a personal level, no matter what is going on globally. Plus an announcement of a special Sun. Moon & Stars event and info about the Goddess to connect with this month (Saraswati). Click here for your Sun, Moon & Stars November Calendar.
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