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May 2023 Meditation Video Thumb

May 2023
Moon Dates

Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio
London: 5 May 18:34
Sydney: 6 May 03:34
LA: 5 May 10:34
New York: 5 May 13:34

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New Moon in Taurus
London: 19 May 16:53
Sydney: 20 May 01:53
LA: 19 May 08:53
New York: 19 May 11:53

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Podcast for May 2023

by Yasmin Boland

I know that many of us were hoping for a bit of a break after the intensity of April, but May is also going to be quite intense – hopefully in a good way! For one thing, we have a Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio; and Scorpio really is a sign that really feels its feelings, so, don’t be surprised if you start to feel all of yours. On top of that, we have Jupiter changing signs, which is also a massive thing, AND Mercury retrograde ending mid-month. It’s all in this month’s podcast…

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