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June 2022
Moon Dates

New Moon in Gemini
London: 30 May 12:30
Sydney: 30 May 21:30
LA: 30 May 04:30
New York: 30 May 07:30

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Full Moon in Sagittarius
London: 14 Jun 12:51
Sydney: 14 Jun 21:51
LA: 14 Jun 04:51
New York: 14 Jun 07:51

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New Moon in Moonchild/ Cancer
London: 29 Jun 03:52
Sydney: 29 Jun 12:52
LA: 28 Jun 19:52
New York: 28 Jun 22:52

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Podcast for June 2022

by Yasmin Boland

When I first looked at the stars for this month, it truly seemed like a pretty settled month, relative to everything which has happened so far astrologically this year. But on closer inspection, I realised, well, it might be easier, but there are still a lot of things for us to think about and energies for us to work with. For a start, as you will hear, there is the tale of two retrogrades to handle, plus some minor but potentially rather ‘interesting’ alignments, including one that reminded me of that time I stood in my kitchen at Bondi Beach yelling at my then-soon-to-be ex. It’s all in there – have a listen and remember that forewarned is forearmed! Have a great month!
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