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It’s Time For Healing

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July 2022
Moon Dates

Full Moon in Capricorn
London: 13 July 19:37
Sydney: 14 July 04:37
LA: 13 July 11:37
New York: 13 July 14:37

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New Moon in Leo
London: 28 July 18:55
Sydney: 29 July 03:55
LA: 28 July 10:55
New York: 28 July 13:55

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Podcast for July 2022

by Yasmin Boland

For this month’s podcast, what I am trying to impress upon you is:

– July can be an easier month
– there are no major planetary alignments, let alone clashes
– it’s a very good time to work on healing:

In the podcast this month, I talk a lot about the healing planetoid Chiron, discovered in 1977 and said to help us to heal out wounds.:

The book I mention about Chiron is Chiron and the Healing Journey.:

In the podcast, I kept coming back to the Healing Fountain meditation which you also have this month – it’s a good one AND it has the healing 528 hz DNA repair frequency – tap into it because it really can help you on your journey to healing and creating.:

Also a reminder, we will listen to the meditation together at our SMS meditation night. Watch you inbox for details about that.
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