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January 2023
Moon Dates

Full Moon in Cancer
London: 6 January 23:07
Sydney: 7 January 10:07
LA: 6 January 15:07
New York: 6 January 18:07

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New Moon in Aquarius
London: 21 January 20:53
Sydney: 22 January 07:53
LA: 21 January 12:53
New York: 21 January 15:53

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Podcast for January 2023

by Yasmin Boland

In this month’s podcast I attempt to sum up the astrology of the year ahead in a few words AND to get in some important info about the astrology as they year stars.

The astrology of January is mainly focused on Mercury and Mars being retrograde as the year begins. And the astrology of 2023 is a lot to do with what will kick off in March; namely Saturn and Pluto changing signs.

I will go into all these events in 2023 more deeply as we move into 2023.

Have a great month!

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