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Embracing Change

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February 2022
Moon Dates

February 2022 New Moon in Aquarius
London: 01 February 05:46
Sydney: 01 February 16:46
LA: 31 January 21:46
New York: 01 February 00:46

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February 2022 Full Moon in Leo
London: 16 February at 16:56
Sydney: 17 February at 03:56
LA: 16 February at 08:56
New York: 16 February at 11:56

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Podcast for February 2022

by Yasmin Boland

At the risk of giving you a spoiler, this month’s podcast really (when you get down to it) is ALL about the massive and exciting turnaround alignment between lucky Jupiter and change-maker Uranus around mid-month. Get your head around that and everything else will fall into place.
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February Meditation
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