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December 2022
Moon Dates

Full Moon in Gemini
London: 8 December 04:08
Sydney: 8 December 15:08
LA: 7 December 20:08
New York: 7 December 23:08

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New Moon in Capricorn
London: 23 December 10:16
Sydney: 23 December 21:16
LA: 23 December 02:16
New York: 23 December 05:16

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Podcast for December 2022

by Yasmin Boland

So what’s going on as the year ends? Well put it this way, I was very tempted to put a little blaster that old song I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone as the intro to this month podcast. There are three big planetary events taking place this month. The first is that Neptune’s going direct, promising us greater clarity. The second is that Jupiter is changing signs, triggering our good luck, hopefully! And the third is that the healing planetoid Chiron is also going direct, so hopefully there is healing in the air as we move towards the end of 2022 and into the silly season of goodwill to all men and women. More details about all this and the month’s New and Full Moon in this month podcast.

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