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I Am Grateful

I Am Grateful

August 2021
Moon Dates

August 2021 New Moon in Leo
London: 8 August at 14:50
Sydney: 8 August at 23:50
LA: 8 August at 06:50
New York: 8 August at 09:50

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August 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius
London:22 August at 13:01
Sydney: 22 August at 22:01
LA: 22 August at 05:01
New York: 22 August at 08:01

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Podcast for August 2021

by Yasmin Boland

This month’s podcast is making a big promise; the month should be relatively easy for most of us. Of course, if you’re having some kind of personal astrology challenge (say Pluto is opposite your Sun or Saturn is squaring it) there will be more ups and downs. But all things being equal, this month should be relatively smooth sailing – fingers crossed!
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August Meditation
Full Moon Sheets
Card Draw

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