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April 2023 Meditation Video Thumb

April 2023
Moon Dates

Full Moon in Libra
London: 6 April 05:34
Sydney: 6 April 14:34
LA: 5 April 21:34
New York: 6 April 00:34

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New Moon Eclipse in Aries
London: 20 April 05:12
Sydney: 20 April 14:12
LA: 19 April 21:12
New York: 20 April 00:12

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Podcast for April 2023

by Yasmin Boland

In the podcast this month, there was A LOT to say – partly recapping all that we have been through and partly talking about the New Moon eclipse that’s clashing with Pluto this month, which is massive.

You will hear all about it in the podcast and I hope it will also make sense why we have Kali in our meditation this month.

Now is a time to blast away anything that’s gone rancid in your life and I am not just talking about the contents of your fridge!

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