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April 2022
Moon Dates

April 2022 New Moon in Aries
London: 1 April 7:24
Sydney: 1 April 17:24
LA: 31 March 23:24
New York: 1 April 2:24

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April 2022 Full Moon in Libra
London: 16 April 19:55
Sydney: 17 April 04:55
LA: 16 April 11:55
New York: 16 April 14:55

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New Moon Eclipse in Taurus
London: 30 April 21:28
Sydney: 1 May 06:28
LA: 30 April 13:28
New York: 30 April 16:28

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Podcast for April 2022

by Yasmin Boland

It’s a BIG month and we all need to make the most of it! Why? Because chances like the ones we are getting in April 2022 don’t come along very often. We get a New Moon in the first sign of the zodiac, plus a powerful Jupiter/Neptune alignment mid-month AND a New Moon eclipse at the end of April which is THE time to make some magic. Your exclusive SMS podcast explains all!
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April Meditation
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April 2022 Workshop All about Mercuri

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