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June 2022
Working with Moon Angels

One of the most beautiful ways to work with your astrology chart is to tune into the Moon angels.

In this workshop, Yasmin will be combining everything she knows about how astrology and angels dovetail perfectly – and how you can use this info to work with your Moon Angels to transform any part of your life.

It’s so easy – once you know how. Honestly, you will start to wonder why they don’t teach this stuff in school!

Angels have long been a special area of interest of Yasmin’s, and many Moons ago, she co-authored a book with Doreen Virtue, Angel Astrology 101 – all about discovering the Moon angels connected with your birth chart.

Doreen has moved on from angels, but Yasmin hasn’t. In fact she tells this story:

“As you might know, Doreen Virtue was the foremost angelic lightworker in the world. Then one day, she just gave it all away. I wasn’t sure where this left me. A few weeks later, I was in the bath, where I often get Divine messages. I had a download that even though Doreen was no longer going to be my partner in angels, I should continue, and that the angels definitely wanted me to continue to spread the word about them via astrology and Moonology.

Yasmin wrote to Doreen to tell her:

…I was just in the bath and I had a big download about my life purpose. It’s to spread light, including about angels via astrology….

Doreen supported this idea. She had also said to Yasmin:

I’d love to see you teach about angels (via astrology) … you are the only teacher on the planet who is blending angels with astrology.

And so Yasmin has continued, as inspired by the angels!

Yasmin will combine angels, astrology and moonology in this unique workshop on June 21. You’ll discover how the angels protect you and guide you. If love or money is what you’re seeking, you’ll discover which Archangel guide is in your Cash Zone AND your Love Zone. If you want an angel on your side as you fight a court case, find out which Archangel guides your 9th House. Everything will come together beautifully by the end of the workshop!

Once you begin to connect to the Angels, you will see you have more celestial support than you ever dreamed!

Time and Date: June 21 *11AM BST (British Summer Time).

No need to register for this workshop. All active members will automatically receive a unique invitation link by email.

*Date/Time can change

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