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Below is a guide to the top 5 things to do
at the time of the New Moon in sagittarius. If you
plan your life by the New Moon, you will find
you’re in the flow of life.

Note that the advice in the guide applies to all of us, regardless of our personal astrology. The reason is, this is a lunation – in this case a New Moon – in a particular sign, and it therefore has a flavour of its own, no matter which star sign or rising sign we are.
The idea is to connect with all 12 New Moons so you work magic in pretty much every part of your life: the New Moon and the Laws of Attraction and Intention make excellent bedfellows.
Also note that in all cases, you can apply the following New Moon information to a solar, aka New Moon, eclipse.
To explain further, imagine that the New Moon is in Aries, whichmeans it’s a good time of the year for us to work on our courage – to be braver and not timid.
However, a New Moon eclipse in Aries means it’s not just a good idea, it’s a really, really good idea, or even crucial somehow!
Eclipses are like New Moons on steroids. They are definitely worth following through the signs and through the Houses in your chart (we will cover that another time!)
Aside from the list of the Top 5 things to do at the New Moon, you will see overleaf there is a worksheet for you to print out so you can actually work with the energies of the New Moon (or eclipse) with maximum effect.
If you really want to work with the Moon, then this part of the proceedings is important!


1. Get away!

Travel, and whatever else represents freedom to you – these are two of the most fun things you can expect to come up now. If you’re feeling hemmed in by life and need to get away from it all, use the power of the New Moon in the freedom loving and wandering sign of Sagittarius either to make a travel booking or actually take off. Sagittarius is the sign that knows that things can always get better, and sometimes we just need a new perspective to see how blessed our lives are.

2. Study!

Study is also a worthwhile pursuit this month. Sometimes studying seems like a drag, but the truth is that it brings freedom because it opens us up to more work opportunities which, in turn, can bring more cash and money and thus more freedom, at least to some degree.

3. Search for meaning

The Great Cosmic Quest also comes into view this month. In other words, it’s time to search life for some meaning! How are you doing with that? Sagittarius is the keeper of life philosophies. The New Moon in this sign is a good time to check that you’re not being narrow-minded.

4. Laugh!

Having fun and taking risks are both under the remit of the New Moon in Sagittarius. If life has become a tad staid, ask yourself if you’re doing enough of either. I’m not suggesting you do a high-wire walk between the Petronas Towers, but use the power of the New Moon in Sagittarius to introduce some kind of ‘spin of the wheel of fortune’ into your life. Excess isn’t only

extra-possible now, it’s positively encouraged. On the other side of things, know that Sagittarius touches on legal issues. The Sagittarius New Moon brings new energy into any ongoing battles.

5. Be grateful!

Know that you’re blessed! Sagittarius is a sign that can bring us perspective. If you’ve been moaning or focusing on the negative, then use this time to turn that around. As my teacher india says: ‘The secret of life is to know that you’re blessed, and to live your life within that knowing.’

As well as looking at the sign that the New Moon is in,
you can go one step further and take a look at where in your own
horoscope the New Moon will be triggering. Your horoscope is divided
up into 12 Houses and each House represents a different part of
your life. So for example, a New Moon in your 7th House is likely to
bring matters related to an important relationship to a climax. With
a New Moon in your 10th House you would expect professional matters
to come to a head.


New Moon (Or Solar Eclipse)
In Your 9th (Also Known As Your
‘Big Picture’ Zone) House

It’s all about… .

Adventure, travel and personal development.

What to expect

New and potentially exciting developments related to travel, study, the internet, publishing, and the Great Cosmic Quest.

What to wish for

To see the bigger picture of your life and thus to invoke gratitude.

What to visualize

Yourself wherever you would most like to be on holiday!

Idea to keep in mind

We’re all Divine beings. The 9th house is strongly associated with the

spiritual quest, and the 9th house planet, Jupiter, is too. And as you will see below, the chakra that’s traditionally associated with the 9th house is also about the Divine – it’s the Crown chakra, which connects us to the heavens.


The part of your chart being lit up by the New Moon is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion. So whether you’re expanding your mind by studying or travel, or by talking to well-travelled people, or through doing a personal development course, you have the chance now to broaden your horizons. This cycle is also about your faith and beliefs. If you know you’ve been rigid – perhaps clinging on to what you were taught as a child rather than forming your own opinions – someone could come along now and either help or force you to rethink your philosophies. This is also a great time to break out of routines and to get a little more freedom.

Meditation booster

Recite the following sentence before you start your regular meditation:

‘Life’s an adventure and I love it, so this month, l’ll … (fill in the blank)’


Decide on your next travel destination; put a picture of the place on your wall to remind yourself of your plans.

Things to do

• Find a way to explore the world.
• Read those books you know you should. 
• Do a personal development course.
• Manifest a new spiritual teacher.
• Think about what you have faith in – and what you don’t.
• Make a cyber pal on the other side of the world.
• Have something you’ve written published.

Top 3 affirmations

Repeat one or all three daily during this New Moon, and in the coming four weeks:

1. ‘I know that I am blessed.’
2. ‘Life is an adventure!’
3. ‘The world is my oyster!

Essential oil

Sandalwood is a wonderful essential oil to use at this time. It’s considered extremely sacred in Eastern religions and this is an especially sacred part of your chart. It’s also great for spiritual awareness and for getting you in alignment with your soul purpose. These are some of the very big issues covered by the 9th house. Sandalwood is also an excellent meditation aid on any day of the week.

Numerological energy 

The number 9 is about idealism – a trait that can go either way in terms of being a positive or a negative. Being idealistic can help us to make the world a better place. It implies a belief in a higher way of being. However, being too idealistic can cause issues. Look at where you’re being an idealist during this cycle. The number 9 is the most tolerant and the most conscious number. Be those things this month.


Use the mantra Ah this month. Chant it out loud or silently every day: while you’re in the shower, before or after meditating, or at any other time that feels right to you. It works to boost the chakras of the month.

3D chakra

The chakra to focus on this month is the Crown (aka Sahasrara), which is violet and located at the top of your head. The Crown chakra connects us to the Divine. It’s the seat of our cosmic consciousness – in other words, the part of us that knows we’re part of God; that we’re a spiritual being having a human experience; that we’re all one and connected to Divine grace and Divine love. To stimulate this chakra, imagine a spinning violet disc at the top of your head.

5D chakra

In the 5th dimension, the Crown chakra is seen as crystal clear with a golden tint. This is the thousand-petal lotus chakra which, as it opens, reveals the Universe’s mysteries and our connection to all life everywhere.

Guiding Goddess

Fortuna is the Goddess of Fate and Chance, according to ye olde Latin proverb Fortis fortuna adiuvat, which means Fortuna, the Goddess of luck, favours those who take risks. So if there’s something you want during this cycle and you feel as though you’ll have to take a bit of a risk to get it, Fortuna is your goto Goddess. She is also the Goddess to talk to if you want to travel or study; she will help you. Ask for her to have luck on your side.

Guiding Archangel

For Archangel Raguel, life is a party because he’s the most sociable of all the Archangels. Raguel’s name means ‘Friend of God’ and his focus is peace and harmony for everyone. Archangel Raguel also helps with resolving conflict. To connect with Archangel Raguel, simply light a candle, say the name Raguel, and ask for help:

‘Dearest Archangel Raguel, please be with me this month as I live life to the fullest. With your help and guidance, I can reach my full potential and see the big picture. Thank you.’

Universal Law 

The Law of Relativity reminds us that all things are relative; that every-

The Law of Relativity reminds us that all things are relative; that every- thing just ‘is’. You will always be not as good at some things as other people are, just as you will have your own special talents. Don’t measure yourself against other people. During this cycle, notice how you feel if you simply compare yourself with yourself. Understand this law by understanding the notion that nothing is good or bad, or hot or cold or black or white, until you relate it to something else.

Heavenly Ray

The 9th ray, which is blue-green, is the keeper of a treasure trove of knowledge that can aid in soul expansion. It’s all about anchoring the joy that we feel when we love someone, be that romantic, familiar or friendship love. It advances our move towards enlightenment and furthers the cleansing work of the 8th ray. It’s composed of rays 1 and 2, and white light.


Take a moment to list 5 things
you are really grateful for.

(Counting your blessings puts you into a state of gratitude which is the ideal state for manifesting) Set aside a good 15 minutes for the process you’re about to undertake. Put on some uplifting music and breathe gently. Now take a moment to list 5 things you are really grateful for. (Counting your blessings puts you into a state of gratitude which is the ideal state for manifesting)







• Write down your top 10 wishes/affirmations/commitments for the
• Visualize and feel your wishes and write down an affirmation to support them. For example, if you plan to exercise more you could say “Life is
good! I exercise every day with pleasure!”
• Write down how you intend to work towards making each wish happen.

New Moon Wish or Intention #1.

To manifest this, I intend to:  

Make this wish into an affirmation:

New Moon Wish or Intention #2.

To manifest this, I intend to:  

Make this wish into an affirmation:

New Moon Wish or Intention #3

To manifest this, I intend to:  

Make this wish into an affirmation:

New Moon Wish or Intention #4

To manifest this, I intend to:  

Make this wish into an affirmation:

New Moon Wish or Intention #5

To manifest this, I intend to:  

Make this wish into an affirmation:


No pressure! But making one big pledge for the month ahead is a really good idea. What is the ONE thing you really, REALLY want to manifest this month, above all else? Make your commitment to it here – sign your name to it!

I, ______________________________________

hereby promise myself that in 2021,

I will be super-committed to

Signed ______________________________

And now?
Just say


Expect the best. Wait and See.

“Om Namo Narayani”

which is
Sanskrit for

“I surrender to the Divine”…

Or just say
“I surrender to the Divine”
a lot! Know that you are blessed and live your life
within that knowing. Accept that everything happens for a reason. Keep a
gratitude journal and/or count your blessings at least once a week! Friday or
Sunday nights are ideal for this practice!

Have a wonderful month!
With love from Yasmin Boland and moonology team


Aries – the courage to live your dreams Create the sacred space
Taurus –money manifesting Tune into the Goddess
or Angel of the month
Gemini –better communications
Cancer –happier home life Make an affirmation which suits
the sign the New Moon is in
Leo –the confidence to strut your stuff Write it down until you FEEL it
Virgo –increased organisation Make your top 10 New Moon wishes
Libra –better love life Meditate
Scorpio –better sex life
Sagittarius –wishes around study + adventure THE POWER OF WORDS…
Capricorn –career ambitions Intention + declaration = ritual
Aquarius –wishes the world + friends (Your word is your wand!)
In the beginning was the word
Pisces –increased connection
to the Divine
Writing is POWERFUL – do it by hand
Speaking is powerful – say it out loud!


Chakra-clearing magic

Do this meditation every New Moon to clear your chakras (actually you can do it ANYTIME but at New Moon is an extra good idea as you start your new cycle!)

I learned this meditation at the Sri Narayani Peedam in India. The first time I learned it, it was my last day there that visit and I promptly forgot about it.

Then I revisited the ashram about six months later and AGAIN someone took me aside and said they wanted to teach me a mantra – I love a mantra so I said “Great, thanks!” I turned up to learn this mantra and lo and behold, it was the one I had been taught six months earlier and not done!!!

So I learned my lesson. I happen to know it’s very safe to share with you so here it is – I hope you enjoy it!

Creative Visualisation and the New Moon

And here is a creative visualisation meditation – I am a firm believer in the power of imagining what you want and the New Moon is THE ideal time to do it. Give yourself a break and allow your mind to wander to whatever it is that you’re dreaming of! The audio isn’t the best but I will update it before too long! If you think the audio sounds fine, it means I have updated it!

Connect with Durga,
the Goddess of courage and strength

The Goddess to work with at New Moon is DURGA who gives us the courage and strength we need to accomplish our goals.
Here’s a Durga meditation for you to listen to while you’re writing your intentions for the month ahead or any other time you need courage and strength!



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